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At Investway Group, we buy houses cash. We are not only reputable for high rewarding investment properties, but we also buy your assets that are labeled for liquidation or just any property you are willing to let go for one reason or the other. We have built a culture of bringing juicy deals to our investors and also buy from you when you have a house for sale; that way the money revolves within the tribe.

Talking about the tribe, we also love wholesalers. And we will always keep our eyes on new ways by which we can sweeten the pot and even get them exclusive properties they would never see anywhere else. This is our commitment to you. We have also updated our website with a property request section so you can make a custom request for a certain type of property that you want. While we work so hard to satisfy your property needs, we also buy from you, thus offering you a broader real estate services under one roof.

One of the ways by which we stand out from the crowd is our ability to pay cash for your house within 48 hours. What is more? We do not require you to do anything extra on your property as we buy in the as-is condition and offer you the best rate possible in the market. This way, you can enjoy the best of both worlds. We save you the headache of listing your property by yourself and looking for a buyer.

Do you have more than one property to be liquidated and wondering if we are a good fit? We love properties and can buy as much as you have without wasting time.

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