Investway Group of Florida, Corp. is Offering Wholesale Homes in the Manatee County Area!

Are you an investor, adding to your portfolio? Or maybe a flipper looking for a great rehab? A savvy buyer, looking for a great deal? We work with buyers looking for a home of their own as well as investors looking for a great price on a rental property!

No matter who you are, or what you are looking for, we are ready to help you! Investway Group of Florida, Corp. boasts the best Manatee County investment properties at some of the lowest prices around. We want to see everyone benefit from the deal. Our personalized service and great prices allow us to do what we love. We match people to their perfect real estate. Small, low-maintenance properties for a novice buyer. Larger, family homes for people looking to see maximum profits. We are able to work with most any budget, and we have houses in all shapes and sizes.

Where We Sell Investment Properties in Manatee County:

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Please note: Our houses sell fast! Hesitating could cost you the sale. Please let us know right away if you see something you are interested in!

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When we buy our investment homes, we are working with sellers who want to avoid hassles, waiting and dealing with banks. We buy the homes as is, saving them a ton of time and money in the long run. We can afford to pass savings on to our buyers because nobody is paying out commissions. Everyone wins. You should be happy with the real estate you own!

We buy houses in any condition. Run-down homes, vacant homes, turn-key homes. Whatever you are looking for, we likely have, or will be able to find for you!

Some people are looking for a fixer-upper to make their own.
Others want a turn-key house to move into right away
Some landlords are looking for a stripped down rental, that can quickly be turned into an in-demand property.
We have all of these. Usually anywhere between 20-50% off retail price. And when you buy direct, you save on commission and fees.

Where We Sell Investment Properties in Manatee County:

Many of our buyers use our “Preferred Buyers List.” As soon as a property becomes available we add it to this list. If you are looking for something special we can let you know when a property with your criteria comes in! Sometimes a property only lasts hours before it has officially been resold! Join our list now to find your perfect Manatee County investment property! Let us know what you are looking for using the form below!

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