Finding The Best Wholesale Houses In Florida

Finding The Best Wholesale Houses In Florida
Find The Best Wholesale Houses In Florida at Investway Group

Thinking of investing in wholesale houses in Florida, or are you just interested in acquiring some more properties for your investment portfolio? Or are you a beginner in the real estate business who needs established partners to make long term success? Investway Group is your best bet at getting your investment goals achieved in Florida.

InvestWay Group

We are a real estate investment company with the best wholesale houses in Florida. We have been operating in the Florida real estate market for close to a decade and has so far established ourselves as the wholesaler where other wholesalers purchase their wholesale houses in Florida.

We are full-time wholesale property investors in Florida specializing in finding the hidden property deals that don’t make the news at about 30-70% off retail value.

We purchase investment properties with a high potential market value in the as-is condition, spruce them up and resell for good profits, which enables us to deliver high investment returns to our partners and investors. We have a dedicated team full of real estate experts that analyzes and determine our investment strategy and direction.

When it comes to buying wholesale houses in Florida, we consistently find high profitable, but realistic opportunities regardless of the market conditions. Our experience, networks, and capital resources allow us to be aggressive and tap into more profitable acquisition channels.

We do not offer retail or low-equity investment properties at InvestWay Group so that we do not waste our investors’ time. Instead, we propose the safest and most profitable deals by acquiring and passing on the savings to our investors from great opportunities.

Wholesale properties and Wholesalers

A wholesale property or house is a property that has been researched and acquired by a real estate wholesaler, an experienced and dedicated real estate enthusiast who has made a career out of being able to estimate which properties can be purchased for a low price, repaired, and resold for a profit.

These real estate wholesalers acquire these properties for sale, turn around and assign those contracts to an investor willing to take the time and expense to make the necessary repairs. This strategy enables them to make enough profit at once since they can deal with many wholesale houses at a time.

How we acquire great wholesale houses in Florida

We have a proprietary marketing system with which we find the best wholesale houses in Florida for sale like, bank owned properties, reo’s, foreclosures, distressed properties, handyman deals, discount homes, abandoned houses, auctions, fixer-uppers, and probates.

Our investment strategy helps us acquire these properties at excellent win-win prices for both the home seller and us. We then refine these properties and then pass the deals along to our investors and partners who are looking for great wholesale houses in Florida for investment purposes.

What we do

Once we acquire a new wholesale property that fits our requirements, we work to make them fit for our investors, and then notify our investors of the deal. First, we notify our VIPs about the deals and later update on our web platform.

Because of the excellent investment property buying opportunity in today’s market in Florida, we add new wholesale houses in Florida that are far below market value to our list frequently. These investment properties then tend to get snapped up extremely quickly by our VIPs.

More reason why we often advise that if you are interested in acquiring high rewarding wholesale houses in Florida, it is best to subscribe to Investway Group’s VIP’s list.

What are you waiting for as an investor? Partner with Investway Group now to acquire the best wholesale houses in Florida to generate maximum Return on Investment.

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